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Thai Café

Established in 2000, Thai Café serves the most authentic Thai cuisine in Johannesburg - an adventure in the kaleidoscope of tastes that have made Thai food so famous around the world. Our Thai Chefs and managers will ensure that you experience the tastes and friendly service that will transport you on an exotic trip to Thailand.

Using fresh ingredients, our dynamic team of Thai and local staff aim to bring you the magical balance of healthy eating and the exciting taste sensations of Thai food.

Thai Select

Thai Café is one of the few Thai restaurants in South Africa that is awarded the prestigeous "Thai Select" designation by the Royal Thai Embassy. This assures you that the food, service and decor are authentically Thai.

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Home and Corpoarte Catering

We offer unique corporate and private catering services. Our menu is not cast in stone. We can adapt it for your unique theme and budget (011 803 9806 / 072 866 4677).

Seasonal Special

Steamed Fish with Lemongrass or Tamarind Sauce

Traditional thai dish of Panga or Red Roman with your choice of Lemongrass or Tamarind Sauce, steamed with lemon, coriander, chilli and fresh vegetables.


Open Monday to Sunday from 10:30am - 9pm, 7 days a week

17 11th Ave,

Phone: 072 866 4677 / 078 355 6430